Frequently Asked Questions


Do you service Commercial Accounts?

Yes, we offer Commercial pool services. We service many community pools in North County San Diego. We service condominiums, townhomes, fitness clubs, and recreational centers.

Do I need a weekly pool cleaning service?

You made a big investment in your pool and it needs to be properly and regularly maintained and serviced. Keeping your pool water blue is what we do best. Making sure your pool water chemistry is correct requires time and know how.

How often should I drain my spa?

The general rule to drain your spa is 1/3 volume of gallons divided by the maximum daily number of people in the spa. This would equal the number of days between days. For example, take the total number of gallons your spa will hold and divide it by 3. Take this result and divide it by the number of bathers you will have in your spa every day.

Do you recommend pool and spa products?

Yes, we offer and recommend upgrades and new selection of pool sweeps, wireless controls, and spa accessories. Fill out our Contact Form and let us know what you currently have so we can make a specific recommendation for your pool or spa.

My electric bill for my pool is very high. Can I do something to help lower my bill?

Yes, old technology inertia drive pool motors are usually the second biggest energy user at your home. We offer energy efficient variable speed replacement motors.

My eyes burn after going in the pool, is the chlorine level off?

Usually the Ph (power of hydrogen) level is either too high or too low. Not having the right balance will cause eye irritation. You will have to adjust and test the Ph level of your pool water.